Homeopathy Fee Schedule:

Please note the following:

All fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation of appointments: a cancellation fee of the full appointment cost is applied to all cancellations taking place within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.
Forms of payment: Cash, Checks, Paypal or Venmo.

Comprehensive Initial Visit (90 minutes)           $ 250
Acute Care Initial Visit (injury or sudden illness) $ 75
Current Patient Acute Care (Phone or email)     $ 45                                                                Phone Consultations for 15 minutes                   $25

Follow-up Visits:
Short follow-up (30-45 min)  $ 95
Long follow-up (45-60 min) $ 125

Please note: There is an additional cost for the homeopathic remedies recommended by your practitioner. They may need to be ordered specially by the practitioner or you may need to purchase them online or at a local health food store. The cost of the remedies varies from $7 to $25.

Fees for Homeoprophylaxis:
HP Supervision:      $250 one child  +   $100 for all additional children
One-time Registration fee to FHCi:      (Up to 4 children)             $35
HP Booklet:    $13.20  for first child      $5.40  for additional children
HP Kit: includes all remedies needed   (Up to 4 children)           $111
Shipping fee:   $8.95 – $49.50    (depending on where you live)
Additional remedies not in the main program or replacement vials:   $7.50 each