The Immune System Educator

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of homeopathically prepared substances (nosodes) to stimulate the immune system to generate an immunological response to a specific disease before exposure to that disease. It is NOT a homeopathic vaccine. HP and vaccination work on a different paradigm or model. HP’s goal it to educate the child’s immune system so that when they are exposed to a disease their immune system has a memory of it and knows what to. The goal of HP is not to prevent disease but to stimulate the immune system in such a way that it knows how to express the symptoms of a disease and recover.

“Homeopathic Nosodes, such as the remedies included in the HP Program kit provided, are potentized preparations of the relative disease organism or humans discharges produced in response to that particular microbe. Upon repetition of the nosode it is understood, based on homeopathic philosophy, that some aspect of susceptibility to that disease expression has been fulfilled. Research has demonstrated that after completion of programs like this, blood titers have produced antibody levels. However, keep in mind that blood titer levels are not synonymous with immunity and it is possible to develop general immunity without titers.” Visit FHCi for more information www.freeandhealthychildren.org

Does Homeoprophylaxis make antibodies?

This is a very common question. The goal if homeoprophylaxis is to educate the immune system and as a result it will lessen susceptibility towards a disease. During this process the general immune system is stimulated and may in turn stimulate antibodies. Antibodies may or may not be stimulated after several doses of the nosode. However, the presence of antibodies is not the same as immunity. You may still have immunity without antibodies.

What to expect while using Homeoprophylaxis?

During the homeoprophylaxis process it is a normal for the nosodes to stimulate a healthy immune response. You may see immunological responses that include fatigue, cough, mild fever, lower appetite, and discharges such as sweating, runny nose, or loose stools. These responses are a sign that your child’s immune system is responding appropriately, however not all children will react to all remedies. This is also normal and could mean that your child has less of a susceptibility to the disease/nosode that was given. Your HP supervisor is there to guide you through this process and should be contacted for assistance.

Differences between

Homeoprophylaxis        &             Vaccination

Ingestion                        vs.             Injection

Energetic disease          vs.            Crude subtance

Pure disease                  vs.           Additives (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde)

One disease at a time    vs.           Multiple diseases